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Here at it is our mission to present you with the best online Mario games available on the internet. Ever since our Italian friend found his way to the online world Nintendo fans have been wanting to play the flash version. Over the years many games of exceptional quality have been created and some of them cannot be distinguished from the originals. The designs have become elaborate and the gameplay phenomenal. It is no surprise that over the years many players have flocked to this website to have a go at these playable online versions.

Our mission and what we do for you

That is why we did our best to make these games available on a nice clean and easy to use website. Not just any game makes it on here and all of them have been selected based on quality and playability. That is probably the reason why people keep coming back for more. There is a wide selection of game categories like adventure, action, racing, shooting and strategy. Many games reflect the originals but some are of an exceptional unique quality like Super Mario 63 and Super Mario Crossover 2. But everyone will always remember where it all started.

Where Mario games all began

In 1981 Shigeru Miyamoto came up with the character of Mario and brought him to life in the game Donkey Kong. This would prove to only be the beginning of a long and successful journey for the little red plumber since over 200 games have been made with him in it. Not only has he become the undisputed mascot for Nintendo he also represents a golden age of computer gaming and has forever influenced the lives of millions of people around the world both young and old! Have a look at this cool video of Mr. Miyamoto debunking Mario myths. Even today every now and then a new game is released.

Have fun!

And on this website the legend of Mario lives on in its full glory. We really hope you have a great gaming experience and enjoy what we have to offer. If you want to some really cool Mario videos we recommend you also have a look on YouTube. Thank you for reading and finding out what is all about. Now go save the Princess already!

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