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Welcome to Mario Games Flash! This website is dedicated to provide the best Mario games online. The most famous plumber in the world has found his way to flash over the years and the games just keep getting better. The games consist out of Super Mario sprites and movement is just as easy as in the original Mario games. Note that is not associated in any way with copyrighted brands like Nintendo© and Mario©. These games will keep you glued to your seat for a long time so start playing now and enjoy. It's me, Mario!

Mario Games Flash

GAME - Super Mario Crossover

As usual the princess is in trouble, but this time the whole Nintendo gang join forces to save her! Super Mario Crossover turns the Super Mario world upside down (Sophia literally does). In every level you can pick your character of choice like Mario, Link, Megaman and more! This flash game looks good and the game play is very smooth. You can save your progress and if you are having trouble activate the in game tutorials. Pound, slice, shoot and jump your way to the end credits. Warning: highly addictive!

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GAME - Super Mario 63

Finally, leaving the demo phase and blessing you with a full game: Super Mario 63. This is as good as it gets, a real like experience of the oldskool 64 game! The graphics are finger licking along with the level design, accompanied by quality sounds. Running and jumping around the levels is smooth sailing and the bad guys are just so realistic. Jump, pound or just slide over them! This Mario game maximizes the capabilities of flash. A true gem that will keep you hooked until the end. Enjoy!

Play - Super Mario 63

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GAME - Super Mario World Flash

This is a fantastic Super Mario flash game! The graphics are sublime and the game play is very Mario like. Get through the levels, collect items and kill the enemies. Don't be fooled by the friendly look of the game because it can become quite challenging. There are plenty of levels to finish and the game saves your progress. Use the arrow keys to move around, A to jump and S to run. This Super Mario game is as good as it gets in 2008. Enjoy this superb and addicting flash game.

Play - Super Mario World Flash

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GAME - Gangster Mario

Who's the man with the master plan? A plumber with a mother freaking gun! Shit just got real in this Gangster Mario game because Mario got himself a shotgun, and you bet ya he is strong enough to cock one. He is on a violent rampage and he will not stop until every last drop of blood has been spilled. This is the most violent online Mario game you will come across, but the means justify the ends. Use the mouse to aim and shoot while making your way through the levels with limited ammo. The safety is off!

Play - Gangster Mario

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GAME - Super Mario Defence

This has to be one of the coolest Mario games ever, a Super Mario tower defense game! We all love tower defense games, so one with Mario characters in it is always for the win. Destroy the enemies with different types of towers like a trampoline and a bomb-omb cloud. Once you have placed a defense tower, you can upgrade its range, damage and reload speed. If you are new to tower defense games then you can check out the in-game tutorial. Don't let them reach the castle!

Play Super Mario Defence

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GAME - Super Mario Sunshine 64

A different kind of Super Mario game and so well done! The style might seem a bit shabby but it fits perfectly in to the game. Like in the original Super Mario Sunshine game you can fly with the water jets. You have to make it through levels and you can select them as you advance by going in to rooms. In the first minute the game is a bit laggy but it plays smooth after that. This fun flash game is a must for any Super Mario fan. Jump, fly WOOSH!

Play - Super Mario Sunshine 64

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GAME - Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Bros, the ultimate battle between friends! No need to fire up the 64 or the GameCube, Super Smash Flash is the ultimate Smash Bros experience in flash. Pick your favorite character like Captain Falcon, Link, Samus and of course Mario. Play against each other on the computer or against the computer. You can choose different game modes like VS, melee and tournament. This is a good looking flash game and just like the real game you have to take some time to get used to the controls. Super Smash flash delivers hours of action packed fun. Falcon puuuuunch!

Play - Super Smash Flash

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GAME - Mario Lost in Space

It is time for Mario's space odyssey in this skillful online game. In Mario is Lost in space you have to help Mario land safely on the platform while he is being blasted by asteroids. Use the jetpack to maneuver Mario in the right direction but don't forget he's in space, there is a latency. Don't land to hard on the platform or you will crash. As this game advances it gets harder and harder. Engage thrusters!

Play Mario Lost in Space

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GAME - Mario Flash Forever

Mario has earned eternity on the console but now he is going for the online glory in Mario Flash Forever! Good looking game with very smooth game play and a great deal of entertainment. As usual you have to make it through the levels, no crazy stuff, jus the oldskool way. Go for it!

Play - Mario Flash Forever

Click to play - Mario Flash Forever!

GAME - Super Mario Flash

This good looking Mario Flash game delivers a more fast passed arcade game play. The graphics are nice and the movement is smooth. The levels are not really related to the original game play so they feel kind of random. Use the arrow keys to jump and move around. Make it to the end of the levels and see how far you can get. A nice Super Mario flash game that will keep you entertained for some time.

Play - Super Mario Flash

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GAME - Mario Ride

Mario is riding like a true boss in Mario Ride, the coolest Super Mario motorcycle game online! Guide Mario through ten awesome and challenging levels. You will need all your skill to get through all the treacherous landscapes. It is all about timing, the right speed and of course balance. Once Mario hits his head the you will have to try again. This game is really fun and it will feel familiar because it looks like the typical online motorcycle games.

Play Mario Ride

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GAME - Super Mario Sunshine 128

More flood powered action in another sweet addition to the Super Mario Sunshine flash game series! Usually you use the keyboard keys to move around but now you can play Wii like with the mouse. Get through the detailed levels while collecting the coins and slaying those bad musshroomies! U know the drill, go play!

Play - Super Mario Sunshine 128

Click to play - Super Mario Sunshine 128!

GAME - Tuper Tario Tros

The best of two worlds! Super Mario and Tetris, two flash games in one! Ok, so how does it work? There is Mario and he is just doing his thing and then BAM, Tetris enters the game. The game starts scrolling from the left and Mario has to run away from it. To overcome obstacles you have to switch between Mario and Tetris mode. Use Tetris mode to fill gaps to be able to continue. You need to be swift in this game!

Play - Tuper Tario Tros

Click to play - Tuper Tario Tros!

GAME - Mario Racing Tournament

Gentlemen start your engines for the greatest race in Mario world! Put the pedal to the metal in Mario Racing Tournament, a challenging Super Mario racing game. There are eight characters from which you can choose like Mario, Bowser and Toad. Race through nine levels and end first to finish them. You don't race on roads, instead you have to get through traditional Mario levels. Collect and use items to damage your competitors or to get ahead. Go!

Play Mario Racing Tournament

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GAME - Infinite Mario

Super Mario is on a long and dangerous journey in Infinite Mario. You start out on a big map and you have to make your way to the castle by finishing every level. This Mario game has nice graphics and smooth controls, not to mention the great music. All the classic Mario elements are present and the enemies each have their own unique characteristics. If you are looking for one of those Mario games with the real feel, then this game is for you!

Play - Infinite Mario

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GAME - Mario Donkey Kong Flash Game

Forget oldskool, this is retro! Back to the future in this awesome arcade classic. Donkey Kong has kidnapped the princess (big surprise) and is keeping her for keeps. Who can save her.Mario! As Donkey Kong climbs higher and higher Mario has to try and follow him up. Meanwhile he is bombarded with barrels and haunted by flames. Select the ladders carefully because the barrels fall randomly! Great fun in this Mario Donkey Kong flash game, enjoy!

Play - Mario Donkey Kong Flash Game

Click to play - Mario Donkey Kong Flash Game!

GAME - Super Mario Star Scramble

This is a wonderful Mario game with superb graphics and game play. In Super Mario Star Scramble you have to collect all the stars and get through ten levels. The design of the Mario world is simply beautiful and it feels like a genuine Mario game. Guide Mario through the levels while collecting start and don't get hit by enemies! Just like in the real Mario games you have to solve some things puzzle wise, but I'm pretty sure you are up for it. Now scramble!

Play Super Mario Star Scramble

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GAME - Monoliths Marioworld 3

Mario is on a mission in this neat little flash game. Experience the basic oldskool Mario feel and make it through the levels. Many will try to stop you but if you do your best you will prevail! The colors are superb and the music is Nintendo like, anything for that authentic experience. During your journey, text balloons will keep you up to date with new possibilities. Go for it, in Monoliths Marioworld 3!

Play - Monoliths Marioworld 3

Click to play - Monoliths Marioworld 3!

GAME - Super Mario Combat

Ok, the gloves are off! Now more jumping, pounding, sliding or this action packed Super Mario fighting game Mario is ready to beat the living daylights out of Bowser. No more kiddy kiddy stuff, this time it is on! Make I through the levels beating up the Koopas and make it to the boss. Simple game but it packs a punch!

Play - Super Mario Combat

Click to play - Super Mario Combat!

GAME - Bullet Bill 2

No Super Mario involved in this game, only bullet Bill. Ever wondered what happens to the giant bullets who try to take out Mario? They just keep on going! Guide bullet Bill through the obstacles by only using the mouse while bursting through walls to gather points. Now don't be fooled, this is hard and can be frustrating. It is a fast game and requires all your mouse skills. Boom!

Play - Bullet Bill 2

Click to play - Bullet Bill 2

GAME - Super Mario Time Attack Remix

Are you up for a challenge? One that will require all your skill, determination and patience? Then this is it, Super Mario Time Attack Remix! This has to be one of the hardest and most frustrating Mario games online. The task is simple: run across a small level and reach the princess before time runs out. As you progress levels get more complicated and challenging due to new obstacles. Every time you die you lose a life, and lives are limited. In this Super Mario game no level is the same, can you handle it?

Play Super Mario Time Attack Remix

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GAME - Super Mario Moto

Born to be wild in this Super Mario Moto game! Race Mario to the end of the track while doing crazy stunts like back flips. Now this might sound easy, but this game is harder than you think. Mario has to land safe and sound every time and it is easy to flip the moto over. Collect as many coins as you can while doing jumps and make it to the other side as fast as you can for extra points. Super Mario Moto is just one of those crazy Super Mario games, so enjoy it. Wear a helmet!

Play - Super Mario Moto

Click to play - Super Mario Moto!

GAME - Mario Adventure 2

Now this is an interesting Super Mario Adventure game! Sweet modern handheld graphics and some seriously challenging game play. Get Mario from level to level while overcoming difficult obstacles. The movement is very sensitive so you have to be extremely precise and focused to play this game well. Can you complete this Mario Adventure and make it to the end? Give it a try.

Play - Mario Adventure 2

Click to play - Mario Adventure 2!

GAME - Sonic Lost in Mario World

Now this is an interesting Super Mario Adventure game! Sweet modern handheld graphics and some seriously challenging game play. Get Mario from level to level while overcoming difficult obstacles. The movement is very sensitive so you have to be extremely precise and focused to play this game well. Can you complete this Mario Adventure and make it to the end? Give it a try.

Play Sonic Lost in Mario World

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GAME - Super Mario Flash 2

Insane crazy out of the box Super Mario game! Mario is huge and so are his enemies who when killed explode violently in to a bloody mess. Try to make it through the levels jumping on the bad guys and kicking them. Be careful to not let Mario die because when he does, his head comes off. No shortage of gore in this alternative Super Mario game, it's like a 90's action movie: action and little to no story. So if you enjoy different types of online Mario games then this game might be just right for you.

Play Super Mario Flash 2

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GAME - Koopa's Revenge

Oh dear, Koopa is on a rampage! Koopa seems really pissed off in this flash game and you have to guide him through his bloody vengeance. The game looks completely hand drawn, just like the characters and that is what makes it unique. The game play is near smooth and the controls are easy. There are plenty of levels that will keep you entertained in this game and for once it is not about Super Mario, no, it is about Koopa and he just wants to KILL!

Play - Koopa's Revenge

Click to play - Koopa's Revenge

GAME - Mario Starcatcher 2

Superb looking Mario flash game with a different game-play approach. Collect as many coins as you can and collect the Mario star at the end of every level. As you progress the game difficulty increases and extra game elements are added to make it harder, like switches, invisible items and classic Mario enemies. The game-play is really smooth and realistic and you will notice how well everything fits together. Enjoy this puzzle style Mario flash game.

Play - Mario Starcatcher 2

Click to play - Mario Starcatcher 2

GAME - Mario Super Flash

Another fine addition to the many Super Mario flash games out there! This game is all about nonstop action: mushrooms everywhere and plenty of fire flowers to make sure that you can continuously blast those evil Koopa's with fire balls. The game looks great, has a nice soundtrack and plays really smooth. Collect all the coins!

Play - Mario Super Flash

Click to play - Mario Super Flash

GAME - Super Mario Bros

In this neat looking Super Mario game it's more about the fun than realism. The enemies differ in sizes and movement is really easy. You can choose between Mario and Luigi as characters which makes this flash game more interesting and fun. Use the arrow keys to move and jump around to make it to the end of the levels. And arcade style Mario game that you will enjoy.

Play - Super Mario Bros

Click to play - Super Mario Bros